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It seemed like a good idea at the time. Cody and Robby had listened to the lecture and signed up for the credit for service program. It would give them a chance to start their first year of college with bonus credit and get a great senior summer trip at the same time for free. They had no idea at the time where they were going to be sent, but it didn’t matter. The idea of spending the entire summer in a tropical country, helping beautiful young girls learn how to read and shit like that, was just too good to pass up. They figured they would work for a few hours a day and then spend the rest of the afternoon lying naked on the beach getting tan and showing off their young, college jock bodies while the pretty girls wandered by and get hot at the sight. If they were lucky, they would not only come home with a bonus course credit, but they would have some great stories to tell, and a few nice tight virgin pussies opened up thanks to them. Being twin brothers, they had always done everything together and this was no different.

They were going to have a big adventure before starting college, and it would be the last time that they would do it all together. They chose to attend different colleges. Cody had decided that he would attend the university of Boston just like their dad, while Robby had decided to attend Bridgewater state college instead, the school that their mother had attended. This was the last chance for them to have fun together as brothers.

The boys spent the better part of the next week looking through the brochures and talking about how great it would be to go to Haiti or Fiji or perhaps Portugal or Mundari. At 18 years old and just out of high school no one ever bothers to think about the risks that are associated with the things that they do. They had never even thought of the fact that they could end up in a country that was potentially dangerous. Truth be told, the thought not once crossed their minds since they figured that the program was run by a major social service organization, and they figured that they would never send young people into potentially dangerous situations. When they got the word that they were being sent to Jordan their mom and dad, being naturally concerned for the well-being of their sons, went right to the Internet to find out about this Middle Eastern country that was bordered by Israel on one side and Saudi Arabia on the other. There was plenty of information from a wide variety of source, some of which from parents who had let their own children go to Jordan before on similar service trips. They found that the Kingdom of Jordan was safe, stable, and popular among American tourist, so they thought nothing of it and gave their blessings. They figured that it would be good for their sons to be exposed to new cultures and ideas.

Cody and Robby quickly packed took care of the things that needed to be attended to for traveling abroad and prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. The boys boarded a plane and headed to Jordan a week later. It was a long and arduous trip. They had to fly from Boston to London, then from London to Barcelona, then from Barcelona to Cairo and Finally from Cairo to Jordan. They were to be staying and working in the city of Irbid, a city of 650,000 located in the upper western corner of the country near the borders of Israel and Syria. When they arrived in the city, they were placed in a hotel that was not exactly four stars, in fact, it was more one star with a point missing, but it as clean, it was safe, and it had great air conditioning, soft beds, and a decent restaurant that was covered by the boy's food vouchers for three meals a day. They were given a suite that they would be sharing with two other American college guys who had joined the program. The other guys promptly introduced themselves as Luke and Ronnie.

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Luke was 22 years old and was a super jock. He was about to start his senior year at Oregon state university where he was a star football player. His build and strong athletic body served him well on the grid iron and gotten him lots of action with the ladies. He was a linebacker and a good one. He was not good enough to make it in the NFL draft, but he was good enough to have a decent shot in one of the other leagues. His dad was insisting on his finishing school with a degree though, just in case a career that involved a jockstrap was not in his future. Luke understood his dad's concerns. He had looked to have a promising football career in college as well until he tore up his knee. He had gone on to start his own business consulting firm and became quite successful at it. Luke wasn’t business minded, despite the fact that his father would have loved for him to follow along with him in the firm after graduation. Instead, he pursued a degree in physical education with a concentration on high school sports and fitness. If he did end up not making it playing football, he could still have a career in sports and coach younger guys in the game
Ronnie was also an athlete. He was 19 and was a wrestler attending the University of Texas. He was short, blocky and thick bodied. His wide chest, broad shoulders, massive arms, and tree truck legs made him an impressive sight to behold in the locker room and a formidable opponent on the mat. He had been a state champion three times and a region champion two times in high school. He had also in his first year of college, managed to tie the best all time freshmen record at the university in wrestling. He was well on his way to a great future following in the footsteps on his dad, and the construction company that he had built from the ground up.

Cody and Robby were both 18 and while they were not jocks, they were very athletic and liked to work out. They enjoyed all kinds of extreme sports and wild activities such as wake boarding, snowboarding, paragliding, and more. The two brothers took to the other guys real quick as they had a lot of things in common. They spent time talking about cars, sports teams, women and other things. The first night they ate together in the dining room of the hotel, laughing and talking. Over the next four days of working the four men quickly became friends. The next day the people from the service corps gave the guys their assignments. There would be no teaching pretty girls how to read, and there would be very little time to lay around naked on the beach getting a tan. They would be working to build school. Literally, to BUILD schools in the impoverished parts of the city.

The work was hard, but it was fun. The nights were fun as well. They spent most of their time sitting around the hotel room in their underwear, playing cards and watching DVDs that they had brought from home. They were able to get online at times, but the Internet connection was spotty at best. It didn’t matter though, they guys were so well matched that they appeared to be old friends from day one. It was the end of the first week, on Friday afternoon, when they decided to go out and celebrate their new friendship, and the fact that they had worked their asses off in the program for the last five days. They found a small cafe a few blocks over from the hotel and enjoyed a nice meal of regional cuisine together, capping it off with a glass of the local favorite Petra Beer. It was Cody who first complained of his head hurting. His brother Robby just thought that his sibling was not able to handle the strength of the alcohol, but soon Luke complained that he was dizzy and felt hot. It was only a couple of minutes later that all four young, virile college studs were unconscious and laying flopped back in their chairs at the table. It was not uncommon for Jordanians to see young Americans in the shameful act of abusing alcohol; they thought nothing of it when they saw the four young men being carried around to the back of the café through a side alley. Most would have thought that they were simply being carried to the back room to sleep off their inebriation in safety. Little did anyone who watched the scene possibly suspect that the boys were being carried away to a life that was as far from the one that they had always known as possible, and that they would not be coming back.

“Wake up American!” the voice that brought Cody out of his drug-induced stupor was deep and heavily Middle Eastern accented. Cody tried to focus his eyes, but it was impossible. Everything was blurry. The effect of the very strong drugs that had been pumped into their systems for the last two and a half days. “He is awake but he is not with us. The drugs still cloud his mind” the man said as he picked up and large bucket of water and threw it at Cody. The splash of the cold water hitting him stung Cody like a thousand needles. Almost instantly the haze that filled his mind dispersed, and he came too. As he did come back to reality, he started to realize that he was in a bad situation. He had no idea where he was. He started to gain the ability to focus his eyes, and as he did he saw that the man that was speaking to him was an Arab He was dressed in traditional Arabic clothing and had a hijab on his head. He looked right at Cody and smiled; he then turned and started to speak to someone else in Arabic. “This one, he wakes up now. The rest are still too far gone to deal with, but they should be coming around soon enough. You American, you just wait here until the others are awake too. Then we talk” he said laughing out loud. Cody slowly started to get more and more of his senses about him as the men and whoever else had been in the room left through a door that he could not see.

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