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Thrashed & abused
Bondage Caning and a fuck afterwards
A Spanking for an Arse
Spank me, then fuck me on the vaulting horse
Arse in the air over Sir's desk for punishment
Crqazy guy spanked me & me mate on our doorstep
Getting me cock hit wiv a paddle - fuck that hurt
I'll cane you & then piss in your face
Caned while wearing school uniform (18+)
Crazy caning and jerk-off session with married guy
Gym caning and spanking
Finally, I spanked and wanked the school bully
Leather dungeon mistress gives her slave a spanking
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Metal studs and a tender arse - a painful combination
Spanked bare arse outside DonaldsMuck burgers
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Caned as a punishment - not for a buzz
Disciplined with a riding crop - not an easy one to take
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“Where are we, what the fuck do you want from us? We are Americans you can’t treat us this way.” Luke said as he struggled against the roped that hung him from the ceiling. Arash laughed out loud at the young man and his arrogance and insolence.
“So predictable you Americans, so full of fire and pride. That fire will be extinguished soon enough, and that pride will be broken. Until then though I will oblige you and your zeal. You are in my compound outside of Qharabagh, in Iran.” The word spilled out into the room like a foul scent, the sound of it rocked through the minds of the four men who heard it. There was no way, it couldn’t be, there was no way that they could be that far from where they were supposed to be. “I see that you are trying to fathom the idea. Yes, you are greater than 700 miles from the city of Irbid. You have been unconscious drugged for better than three days. The beer that you drank at the café was laced with a very strong narcotic sedative. It didn’t take long for the drugs to enter your system and knock you out. After that you were loaded into a van and taken to the border. From there you were loaded into the back of a truck behind a false cargo. It was subsequently a simple matter of driving you across the border into Syria, across the desert, next into Iraq, across more desert, then into Turkey, and finally, another border crossing into Iran. The entire trip took only two days. We made sure that you were hydrated and sedated the full time. You were then brought here to my compound, and now we are here” Arash Said.
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“What the hell do you want with us? If its ransom, fine, the service program we are traveling with will pay it, or our families. Just tell us what you want and then let us go” Luke said as he hung there helpless...........   continued on main site